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UPDATE: I'm currently re-organizing this page, which used to have a big list of things that I've written and resources I've pulled together. For now, a few notes:

1. Most of what used to be housed here is in my book, which is available here. You can also read the full first chapter, "Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Spoken Word and Slam Poetry," now.

2. A Beginner's Guide to Spoken Word and Slam Poetry (videos): a list of 100+ spoken word videos that I would recommend, especially to anyone looking to explore how spoken word can illuminate social justice issues.

3. Consolidated List of Resources for Aspiring Spoken Word Artists: this link includes links to my video series sharing tips, tools, and tactics for aspiring artists, advice for people just getting started, and more.

4. Twin Cities Spoken Word Event Finder: a list of spoken word-oriented open mics and poetry slams in the Twin Cities.

5. An ongoing writing project: taking a more in-depth look at some specific poem/videos up on Button Poetry's channel.

6. The MN Activist Project is a database of organizations in the Twin Cities that may be useful for people getting into activism. It also relates to this zine I wrote, as well as my TEDx Talk.

There's a lot more in my blog archives (found in the right sidebar).

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