What's Good, Man? A Podcast In Search of Healthy Masculinity

Hosts Tony the Scribe and Kyle "Guante" Tran Myhre | photo by Martin Sheeks

“What’s Good, Man?” is a podcast on men, masculinity, and culture. Featuring two hosts who sharpened their analyses in the worlds of Hip Hop, cultural organizing, and movement-building, it’s also a response to a specific call: men need to speak up more about issues like consent, gender violence, and sexism, especially with other men. With episodes on men’s role in the feminist movement, how masculinity is portrayed in pop culture, healthy sexuality, dating, and more, “What’s Good, Man?” strives to be a space for honest, critical conversations about what manhood is, but also about what it could be. Check out our "frequently-asked questions" page here.

A new episode will be released every two weeks. We'll link to it, and provide full transcripts, here.

Please feel free to subscribe, share, and spread the word. Use the hashtag #WhatsGoodMan, and/or connect with us directly on Twitter (TonyKyle) and IG (TonyKyle). Thank You!

The show itself is a resource, but it's also an excuse for us to do the kind of face-to-face work that can have even more impact. We can do live episode recordings, workshops, and/or facilitated conversations at your college, conference, or other space. Email elguante@gmail.com with any inquiries.

LIVE at the U of MN; photo by Mick Castro, @allmicksedup on IG

For anyone looking for more information, readings, and beyond:

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