Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New Merch Available

Just set up a new web store with some merch featuring lyrics from me + art by some very cool artists.  Each design comes in multiple colors/styles, and you can check out the artists and more of their work in the info sections.

The "matches" quote is from the Sifu Hotman (me, Dem Atlas, and Rube) album, and the other two quotes are from the Guante & Big Cats album "War Balloons." Aside from shirts, there are also mugs and tote bags for when you need to tote something.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Poem of the Month: "Clowns" by Robbie Q. Telfer

"From the stage, you can't see the hyenas; but you can hear them barking. Your job is to be meat dangling, to tease out the barking..."

I'm highlighting some older poems that are personal favorites of mine; it's a way to shout out some good work, and also to analyze some tools and tactics that poets use that might be useful to aspiring writers. Find the full list here.

There are two things on my mind right now. First, this poem has been a favorite of mine for years, and it's always fun to share great poems with people. Second, I get a lot of messages from poets asking for feedback on their work, and I think this poem kind of crystallizes at least some of the feedback I end up giving to 99% of people. And with Button Poetry's chapbook contest now open, I wanted to share a couple of observations that might be useful to aspiring/emerging poets out there.

Friday, November 09, 2018

New Video: "Love in the Time of Undeath" via Button Poetry

"Ours is not a love song sprouted from redemption, hope, or even longing...  but it is a love song. Sing it under your breath. Sharpen it, every morning."

This is an older poem of mine (it's available along with many others in my book); those of you who know my work may know: it's gone through three different titles. I like this one the best; I also like this footage/performance better than older ones.

It's a love poem, and yeah it's kind of a weird love poem, but it's a poem that's always meant a lot to me. I think love poems are great opportunities to dig into some of the nuances of our emotions; there's longing and romance in this poem, but there's also fatalism and cynicism; those impulses exist at the same time.

Not to get too word-nerdy, but I also love the word "undeath." I think it communicates something powerful not just about vampires and zombies,  but about in-between spaces, about states of being that move over borders and transcend easy, black-and-white dichotomies.

I hope you like it; please feel free to share. Here's the transcript; I share it here for accessibility's sake, but of course, if you like, please consider getting my book: