Friday, May 19, 2017

Guante at the Eaux Claires Festival, June 16-17

photo on the right by Daniel Rangel
Excited to announce that I'll be performing at Eaux Claires this year. Specifically, I'll be participating as a writer/poet, doing a series of micro-readings throughout the festival. Musicians this year include Chance the Rapper, Wilco, Feist, Danny Brown, and many more, and everyone I've talked to about Eaux Claires has told me that it's a very unique, community-oriented concert/festival experience.

Get more information, and reserve tickets, here.

In other news:

1. Upworthy just shared my poem "How To Explain White Supremacy to a White Supremacist," so thanks both to them and to Button Poetry for that signal boost. Especially right now, challenging ourselves to see oppression and hate as something bigger than just interpersonal acts of bigotry feels pretty important.

2. Two quick links to pieces that I had originally written for Opine Season but have since migrated over to my site (and cleaned up a bit):
3. That second piece was written in collaboration with UyenThi Tran Myhre; find more of her fantastic work here:

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

New Work from See More Perspective, DC Edwards, Bao Phi, Fatima Camara, Big Quarters; Other Updates

March and April are always hectic: traveled to over a dozen colleges, served as a delegate at my local ward convention (go Jillia!), gave my first Tedx Talk (will share video as soon as it's up), working on new music, blah blah blah, so May feels like a great time to step back and try to get focused again. While I'm doing that, I thought I'd shout out a couple of Twin Cities friends of mine and their work:

1. New See More Perspective album: SEE MORE EYE JACK
See More always shows up with music that is timely, sharp, and well-crafted; he also, however, shows up with creative concepts that are both fun and meaningful. His latest project is inspired by Samurai Jack (a work that is already a genre-bending mashup), and if it were JUST a Samurai Jack-themed rap record, it'd be great. But it goes so much deeper than that, really paying tribute to its muse while expanding and transcending it at the same time. And it's just great hip hop on top of all that; definitely worth a listen.