Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Book Coming Soon, New Videos, Summer Updates

There will be an "official" announcement once all of the details get sorted, but my book is done. It's a collection of pretty much all of the poems that I've been performing over the past five years, plus all of the lyrics from my sampler project, plus a bunch of essays from this blog and elsewhere, plus notes and commentary on everything.

It's definitely a book that highlights process as much as product.

I hope to be able to announce the release date, ordering info, and all that stuff soon.

In the meantime, I've been posting videos from last year's "Page.Stage.Engage" event at the U of MN (which we'll be doing again this year; stay tuned for details). Check out poems from members of the 2015 Be Heard MN youth poetry slam series here: Duncan, Julie, Armand (and more to come), and be sure to check out TruArtSpeaks for info on next year's series.

Also have a new song up on Soundcloud (though it's also been out for a minute because it's on this album): Venom featuring Lucien Parker:

Also, a couple of "in case you missed it" links to stuff I've written recently:

1. My thoughts on the 2016 election and voting in general

2. "Beyond the Benefit: Ten Ways Artists Can Support Social Movements"

3. A collection of links to organizations, reading, and more info about ongoing #BlackLivesMatter protests, here in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Finally, my Fall booking season has already started, with work at summer trainings and orientation programs at a couple of different colleges. If you want to bring me to your school or city, please get in touch. Info here. I'll also be performing at the big 15Now benefit show this Friday, along with POS, Khem Clan, and others. As always, a million other things happening; keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook.

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