Friday, July 01, 2016

Finished Grad School - Now Booking for Any/All Future Dates

So I've been in grad school for the past two years. It was an interdisciplinary Masters program at the U of MN (Master of Liberal Studies) that let me focus my research on how arts approaches (especially through a spoken word lens) can make social justice education programs and curricula more critical and participant-centered. This topic allowed me to weave together disciplines like theater, public policy, journalism, curriculum & instruction, gender & women's studies, and more, and it's helped me focus and sharpen the work that I've already been doing: traveling to colleges and conferences, using spoken word as a jumping-off point for deeper conversations about identity, power, and agency.

I'm still working on a way to share all of that research and work here at my site; for now, check out one small piece of that project, my list of 100+ spoken word videos that might be useful to social justice educators.

In the meantime, I'm done with school. Forever. Which is wild. But that also means that I'm booking for Fall 2016 and beyond. If you want to bring me to your college or university, book me to perform, present, and/or facilitate workshops at your conference, or engage in a residency at your high school, please check out the UPDATED booking/info page on this website and get in touch.

If I were to present a pitch, it'd be that I've been involved with social justice education and facilitation for as long as I've been making art. So when I visit a space, I'm not really interested in just performing poems for 45 minutes and leaving. I want to think critically about how those kinds of spaces can be used in more dynamic and interactive ways. I want to facilitate workshops and skill-sharing sessions. I want to visit classes and explore how my work intersects with the work students are already doing. At conferences, I want to grapple with issues using narrative and metaphor in order to highlight different angles or frameworks for thinking about those issues. Mostly, I just want to connect. Feel free to get in touch, and/or forward this link on to anyone you know working in higher ed, community orgs, conference organizers, etc. Thanks!

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