Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Footage from #YesYesYes: An Evening of Poems and Songs About Consent and Healthy Sexuality (Ongoing)

On May 20, 2015, Chava Gabrielle and I gathered a bunch of poets we like for an event called #YesYesYes: An Evening of Poems and Songs About Consent and Healthy Sexuality.

It was a really beautiful event, and I'm happy to say that Line Break Media was able to film almost all of it. I will be posting new videos on my YouTube page, and then updating this post as they go live. If you see anything that resonates with you, feel free to share it, and/or this whole page. I think it's important to document this kind of work.

The videos here are from the event, but I've also put together a list of a dozen MORE poems about consent, healthy sexuality, and dismantling rape culture HERE (it's the second section). Hopefully, all of these poems can be useful for any advocates, educators, or activists out there.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sifu Hotman's "MATCHES" Now Available on 7" Vinyl! Plus a Remix of Our Song "Embrace the Sun" Featuring Tall Paul

Exciting news: you can get "Matches" on vinyl now!

If you don't know, SIFU HOTMAN is a side project featuring me, Dem Atlas, and Rube. We put out an album in 2014, while I was between projects and also kind of right before Dem signed to Rhymesayers. Luckily, it didn't fall between the cracks; our song "Matches" got featured on BBC Radio 6, and then as the "weather" on an episode of the wildly popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale, leading a whole bunch of people to discover the project.

Incidentally, "Matches" might also be my favorite song I've ever been part of, so it's been really beautiful to see so many people from around the world connect to it. The Sifu Hotman album is general just turned out so fresh; we're all known for doing weirder, outside-the-box stuff, so a whole project of boom bap throwback hip hop and punchlines is something I'm really proud of and happy we got to put out. And Rube, our producer and DJ, ALSO screen-printed all of the sleeves. They're gorgeous.

You can get the vinyl through our Bandcamp page. If you're in Europe, it might be cheaper to buy it through the UK label that's putting it out: AE ProductionsQuick note-- it is the radio edit on the single, in case that impacts whether or not you want it.

The single also features an exclusive remix of our song "Embrace the Sun" produced by MR. FANTASTIC and featuring a knockout guest verse from TALL PAUL. Been wanting to work with him for a minute, and his verse on this song is just bonkers. Even if you're not a vinyl head, you can still download this track (plus the instrumentals, and an a capella for any DJs out there)! Here's the new remix:

Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Video for My Poem "Handshakes," the #BeHeard16 Kickoff, Plus a Brand-New Poem: "Police Make the Best Poets"

Thanks to Patrick Pegg, I finally have a really good video version of a poem that I've been performing for years now-- "Handshakes." This was shot in front of a sold-out audience at our second annual "Page.Stage.Engage" show at the U of MN's Whole Music Club. We got a ton of footage from that show-- of me, Tish Jones, and various Be Heard MN youth poets, and it'll all be posted over the next few months.

I'll include the full text at the bottom of this post (something I'm going to be better about in 2016-- working on adding the text to all of my videos). It's not the deepest or most poetically challenging thing I've ever written, but it stays in my arsenal because it's an approachable entry point to some deeper discussions about identity, and because on a poetic level, it does the "talk about something big by talking about something small" thing that some of my favorite poetry does.

In other poetry news, I hope everyone knows about the 2016 Be Heard MN Youth Poetry Slam Series! It really is kind of the coolest thing that happens all year in the Twin Cities, and if you haven't ever witnessed it, this year will be a great time to check it out. Prelims start in January. If you're 13-19 years old, you can actually sign up. But if you're not, I really want people to consider just showing up as audience members. These are some of the most incredible writers and performance artists in the state, youth or otherwise, and deserve your support.

Finally, here's a brand new poem I wrote after the Tamir Rice grand jury decision. I don't often post my poetry as text, but it seemed more appropriate than video for this one. Everyone needs to know about this case, and I'd also point people toward a local connection: the MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change anti-grand jury petition here. The ins-and-outs of the legal system aren't always the most attractive thing to talk about or organize around, but they are absolutely how racism continues to live and breathe in our communities, and knowing about them (and organizing to change them) is vital. This particular poem adds a media literacy lens, critiquing how police violence is so often presented by police and media as "isolated incidents" as opposed to trends and cultures, and the impact that this has on public opinion.

As always, feel free to share any or all of this with your networks. Every Facebook post, Tweet, Tumblr post, etc. is very much appreciated. Much more is on the way! Here's the full text of "Handshakes:"