Friday, June 05, 2015

Sifu Hotman T-Shirts, Be Heard MN Team Send Off Show, Other Summertime Updates

A couple of updates:

I posted about this a little while ago, but Sifu Hotman (me, deM atlaS and Rube) was recently featured as "the weather" on the Night Vale Radio podcast, which is apparently one of the biggest podcasts in the world. The response has been bonkers, and it's been beautiful to see that project getting a big second push, because it deserves it.

With the renewed interest, Rube is printing up new t-shirts. He made our beats, and he prints the shirts too-- all in the same studio. Go get one!

In other news, here's a big event to look out for:

TruArtSpeaks has been doing good work all year; this show is a showcase and celebration of the 2015 Be Heard MN Youth Poetry Slam team before they head off to represent MN at Brave New Voices. The Send Off will be on June 15 at Intermedia Arts. The last few shows we threw there were huge, and this should be the most exciting one yet. Hope to see you there. If you can't make it, support the organization's work here through our #7UpForSocialChange campaign!

Also, I should mention that I wasn't planning on releasing any new music anytime soon-- I'm neck-deep in a ton of different artistic and activist projects, and that just wasn't on the agenda. But as it always goes, a producer sends you a folder full of beats, you start writing, and suddenly you have a new album. More news on that soon.

Finally, I am currently booking for Fall and Spring. The calendar is going to fill up fast this year, but if you want to bring me to your school or wherever, check out my booking info page and get in touch!

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Anonymous said...

That's how I got to hear of you all the way over here in the UK. I'm probably a lot older than your average fan and I admit I had come to despair of the youth of today thinking that they didn't know they were being conned, fooled, ripped off etc, so to hear a lot of your work was really inspiring and refreshing!