Monday, October 27, 2014

New Video, Upworthy Again, #NotYourMascot Protest, Big First Ave Show, Other News

I finally reached 10k Facebook likes. In honor of that not really meaning anything, here's one of those "a million things happening at once" posts:

1. New spoken-word video for "Level Up: My Autobiography as a Learner"

I'm in grad school right now, and this was something I wrote for class. I didn't intend to make a video for it, but I think it captures some thoughts, tensions, and questions I've had about education-- and about educational systems-- for a while. If you're a student, staff, faculty or other person invested in education (or you just want to hear me talk for ten minutes), check it out.

2. Upworthy posted my poem "Action"
This is my third time on Upworthy. Grateful for the signal-boost, especially for a poem like this.

3. #NotYourMascot Protest this Sunday in Minneapolis
Washington is in town to play the Vikings this Sunday, and local organizers are preparing what's shaping up to be the biggest protest yet against the Washington team. Starts at 8:30am and ends up at TCF Bank Stadium at 10am. Find all the info here.

4. I'll be performing at Keith Ellison's annual GOTV concert that night
Also on Sunday, I'll be performing at this big show at First Ave. along with Toki Wright & Big Cats, Heiruspecs, Sims and more. Of course, my thoughts on voting, Democrats, and election season are nuanced and complex, but that's kind of why I wanted to play this show. It should be a lot of fun. Click the flyer for tickets and more info:

5. A Million Other Things.
Stay tuned here, and/or follow me on Twitter and Facebook for info and updates on some other big projects, including:
  • A huge year coming up for TruArtSpeaks, the organization I work with.
  • I got published in a book. Like, a real hold-it-in-your-hands, made-of-dead-trees book. The book is about Eminem of all things; Talib Kweli wrote the foreword, and I wrote the afterword: I think it's one of the best things I've ever written. I will post more in-depth on this later, hopefully with some thoughts on the book as a whole.
  • My new sampler CD (including some brand new songs, remixes, poems, re-mastered tracks and basically a collection of the best work I've done so far) isn't officially out for a while still, but it's totally out right now, if you can find me in real life.

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