Wednesday, August 06, 2014

New Music from Friends, Must-Read Articles, Worthy Campaigns: a Few Early August LINKS

I've been in full-on self-promotion mode lately with the new release, but I also think it's important to highlight other people's work. There's always so much cool stuff to share. And since not everyone uses Twitter, I figured I'd collect a few worthy links from the past week here:

Big Cats made a half-hour mix of ambient and experimental music. I've worked with Big Cats a bunch over the years, and aside from being one of the most purely talented producers around, he also has vision and ambition. This mix is a great example of that.

One of my favorite local MCs debuts a song speaking on Gaza. This verse is both masterfully-constructed and important. Hope to hear a lot more this year from Off_10.

If you want to listen to a killer cross-section of what's hot in the Twin Cities music scene right now, be sure to check out Sound Verite Record's New Space: Moon Rock Volume 1 sampler, featuring Greg Grease, K.Raydio, Manny Phesto, Tiny Deaths, Metasota and much more.

Clearly, I'm not about to start up a weekly list of all the articles you should read about every topic in the universe. These are just a few that I thought captured something important in an engaging way:

An excellent conversation over at Gawker of all places on why "It's Time We Treat Police Brutality as a National Crisis"

Jessica Valenti at the Guardian: 'Those women are more oppressed' is a terrible argument against feminism

From my own archive, a piece on actions we can take even when problems seem too big, or complex, or far away. Originally written about Syria, but relates to Gaza, Iraq, Ukraine, etc.

Again, I know a lot of people doing a lot of good stuff. Here are a few:

House of Dance Twin Cities performed at the Sifu Hotman release show, and now they're raising money to open up a hip hop arts community center. These are some good people doing some very important work, and you can help make the dream a reality. I'll also be performing at their Grand Opening on September 20.

Along those same lines, "Boom Bap Village is an all ages Hmong Hip Hop event that will take place during the first day of the annual Hmong Sports tournament at Como Park in St. Paul." It was a smashing success this year, and they're raising money now to be able to do it every year. Tou Saiko Lee is one of the artists I look up to in a lot of ways.

Poet Thressa Johnson is releasing her debut book, "A Particular Weight" on August 23 at the Fox Egg Gallery. I've performed with Thressa a bunch of times, and her work is always powerful and unique. Lots of other good poets on the lineup too. I love that the spoken-word scene here really seems to be opening up beyond the slams-- book releases, themed readings, more video stuff, etc.

And on that note, I'll leave you with a NEW video from one of my favorite poets/people in the universe: Tish Jones. Tish has been performing this poem for a minute, and now we finally have footage of it to share:

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