Thursday, January 23, 2014

New video via Button Poetry for "Cherry Spoon Bridge to Nowhere"

So this poem has been online for a minute in one form or another, but now we get a definitive recording courtesy of the good people at Button Poetry, who continue to provide absolutely essential signal-boosting services to spoken-word poets all over the country.

For my extended thoughts on race, representation and the Twin Cities, check this out.

In somewhat related news, two things:
Lots of frustrating things happening, but lots of GOOD things happening too, as those three bullet points illustrate.


Pat said...

I like a lot your modern poetry style. From Argentina, I watch your videos to practice my english, so I'd be glad to have the lyrics, because I loose some parts just watching and listening. Where could I see them written?
Thanks a lot

Guante said...

Pat-- that is definitely a project I am working on this year. Trying to make sure that text is available in some form for all of these poems. I'm just not sure what that will look like when it's done. Thanks!