Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Few Intro-to-Guante Links: Poetry, Music and More

Tons of new traffic here lately, thanks to both an Upworthy post and a string of big performances this past month. First: thanks so much for checking out the site. Here's a quick intro to me:

I'm Guante. Here's my official bio, including links to all social media, and nice things people have written about me. To expand on that:

I'm a Spoken-Word Poet
I'm a two-time National Poetry Slam champion, which doesn't necessarily mean much, but I've been doing this for about ten years. I write a lot about working class identity, gender & masculinity, race and culture. A big part of my work as a poet is facilitating workshops or discussions on power, identity, privilege and activism, using art as a jumping off point. You can browse ALL of my spoken-word videos here.

I'm an MC
I split my time these days between poetry gigs and hip hop gigs. My most recent release is an EP with Dem Atlas (who just signed to Rhymesayers, incidentally) and Rube called "Sifu Hotman." It's just some fun, uptempo, sharp hip hop stuff. My last proper album was a collaboration with producer Big Cats called "You Better Weaponize." That's my personal masterpiece, if I may say so, a project that really expresses who I am as an artist. I also have a free sampler of songs on my Soundcloud that's a good intro to what I do. Stream and/or download all of these projects here.

I'm an Educator/Writer/Activist too
I do a lot of stuff. Not trying to inflate my own ego; you kind of have to do a lot of stuff to survive these days. A few other points:
  • My primary work is traveling to colleges to perform and facilitate workshops. I also work in high schools and middle schools as an artist-in-residence. If you want to book me, here's how to do that.
  • I used to write a regular column on social justice issues (and more) at Opine Season, and also write at this site occasionally. Here's my archive, including pieces on feminism, whiteness, language, activism and much more. I also have a few essays coming out in anthologies soon.
  • I helped build the MN Activist Project and the Hip Hop Against Homophobia concert series, and continue to consult and do media work with various activist organizations and nonprofits. Some cool resources here too.
  • Here in the Twin Cities, I'm the director of communications for TruArtSpeaks and do a lot of work with them to further organize our youth spoken-word scene. I coached our Brave New Voices team in both 2009 and 2013.
There are a million other things. Explore the site. Like the Facebook page; follow me on Twitter. Thanks! More content coming before the year is out.

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