Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Few Intro-to-Guante Links: Poetry, Music and More

Tons of new traffic here lately, thanks to both an Upworthy post and a string of big performances this past month. First: thanks so much for checking out the site. Here's a quick intro to me:

Here's my official bio, including links to all social media, and nice things people have written about me. To expand on that:

I'm a poet
I'm a two-time National Poetry Slam champion, which doesn't necessarily mean much, but I've been doing this for about ten years. I write a lot about working class identity, gender & masculinity, race and culture. A big part of my work as a poet is facilitating workshops or discussions on power, identity, privilege and activism, using art as a jumping off point. You can browse ALL of my spoken-word videos here.

My TEDx Talk is probably one of the best ways to get a feel for what I'm about.

I'm an MC
You can stream and/or download all of my music here, and here is a quick sampler mix of what I feel like is my strongest work:

I'm an Educator/Writer/Activist too
A few links:
  • Here's my BOOK, which is probably the best introduction to what I do.
  • My primary work is traveling to colleges to perform and facilitate space for dialogue. I also work in high schools and middle schools as an artist-in-residence. If you want to book me, here's how to do that.
  • Here in the Twin Cities, I've worked with both TruArtSpeaks and MPD150.
  • This website has all my stuff, but I also try to build, compile, and share resources for both aspiring/emerging artists and activists.
There are a million other things. Explore the site. Like the Facebook page; follow me on Twitter. Thanks! More content coming before the year is out.

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