Monday, August 12, 2013

New SIFU HOTMAN video, album available NOW

That's the second video from this project, "Limb from Limb" (here's the first one, if you missed it). Some of you may remember the original version from the Guante & Big Cats mixtape "Don't Be Nice." This one has a new beat from Rube, plus a killer contribution from Dem Atlas. Hope you like it. Please share if you do. Also, the whole project is available NOW. Two ways to get it:

Stream/download it for FREE at our Bandcamp page 
There's also an option to pay a little something if you want to.

Buy the vinyl through Fifth Element
You can also get one directly from us at shows. We only made 200 (limited edition, hand-screen-printed sleeve, hand-numbered), and they're going disturbingly fast. So scoop one up now.

See us perform LIVE on 8/24 at Fifth Element
We're all so busy with our own stuff; we may not end up playing a ton of shows as a unit. But this one, for FE's annual parking lot sale, should be a lot of fun.

Finally, I don't always post the "official" press releases for my projects, but this one says pretty much everything I want to say about this:

SIFU HOTMAN is a hip hop collaboration between MCs Guante & Dem Atlas and producer Rube. Featuring funky, up-tempo beats perfect for the b-boys and b-girls paired with razor-sharp lyrics from two of the most singular voices in the Twin Cities hip hop scene, this three-song suite will be released on vinyl and digital download on August 13, 2013.

GUANTE has a chip on his shoulder. When you’re a critically-acclaimed “conscious” MC, two-time National Poetry Slam champion, activist and educator best known for questioning gender constructs, talking about white privilege on MSNBC, founding the MN Activist Project and Hip Hop Against Homophobia concert series, and writing weekly op-eds about social justice, it’s easy for people to look past your actual rapping ability. And Guante is one of the sharpest, most venomous, funniest bar-for-bar rappers in indie hip hop.

DEM ATLAS is the next big thing. In a Twin Cities hip hop scene absolutely saturated with talent, everyone seems to agree that Dem Atlas is something special. With a Pharcyde-meets-Eyedea-meets-Basquiat style, a metric ton of charisma and even more heart, he raps, sings and even scats his way across this EP, complementing Guante’s more straightforward punchlines with an off-the-wall, stream-of-consciousness flow. In little over a year, Dem Atlas has bulldozed his way into the upper echelons of one of the strongest hip hop scenes in the country, and SIFU HOTMAN is very much his party.

RUBE is one-of-a-kind. Balancing his identities as a swing-sampling pioneer and boom-bap traditionalist, Rube released his first vinyl EP, “Another Gone Record,” on Munich-based record label Jazz & Milk in 2007. He also co-hosts the Boom Bap Club, a monthly podcast focusing on true-school hip hop. His production work on SIFU HOTMAN pushes his jazz/swing/hip hop fusion even further, with horn blasts, bone-snapping snares and big, slithering basslines. It’s fast, fun and full of life, music that pays tribute to hip hop’s roots while always looking forward.


YoungLife said...

I am sorry that I don't donate, man. But I live in Holland, I am 17 years old, and I do not have a Visa, so, even though dying to buy the album, I cannot. But I will repay you some day. I give gratitude to these things that you do.

Guante said...

Haha don't worry about it! We made it free for a reason. Hope you like it.