Monday, July 08, 2013

"This is the Opposite of a Suicide Note" Remix (Official Video)

One year ago, me and producer Graham O'Brien (No Bird Sing, Junkyard Empire, a million other bands) released this remix as a free download. Last month, I was given the opportunity to make a video for it, via Adam J. Dunn's "Lights and a Backdrop" web series. Adam is one of the most talented, hardest-working people in the Twin Cities hip hop scene, and everything he's done has been gold. This series is a beautiful idea, and you can find the whole thing here.

You can still download this song for FREE via my SoundCloud page here:

This is a song I wrote a while back. It's a pretty personal song, and touches on some familiar subject matter for me-- the idea that you don't have to be happy all the time to be a good person; it's okay to be angry. We can use these negative emotions as tools to build something positive.

Aside from the subject matter, though, the real trick here was structure. I wanted to create a song that was all verse, no hook, but that didn't get boring. So some of that is in the beat, obviously-- the way it builds and breaks down and builds again-- and some of it is in the delivery and in the writing itself. I have other tracks like that-- "Winter is Coming" and "Lightning," and it's an approach that I like because it kind of bridges the gap between rap and spoken-word-- it's definitely rapping (AABB and all that), but it uses the slam poem's three-minute narrative arch instead of the standard rap song's 16/8/16/8 verse/chorus structure.

This is one of my favorite songs that I've written, and I'm very grateful to Graham for making such a banger, and Adam for shooting such a cool video. If you like it, please share, re-post, all that. Thanks!

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