Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ache: A Poem for Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (video)

This is a poem inspired by Sen. Wendy Davis' 6/25/13 filibuster on the Texas State Senate floor (another great link with more info here).

Because I tend to overthink everything, a few notes on this piece:

1. I hope this doesn't come off as another opportunistic slam poem addressing current events in an attempt to go viral. Senator Davis' filibuster really crystallized some stuff I've been thinking about lately, and I wanted to just write that out and share it. It's a very inspiring story, after all.

2. There's something inherently ableist about the Texas State Senate's filibuster rules; so when I talk in the poem about "standing up," I hope it's clear that I mean that as a metaphor-- it's about being active, taking a stand, getting your hands dirty, etc.

3. This has been the busiest month I can remember in terms of ups and downs for the progressive movement. I realize that this filibuster may have just delayed a conservative victory. I realize that the celebration around this (and the end of DOMA) is existing side by side with the anger over the VRA, the trial for Trayvon Martin's murderer, and a hundred other things. This poem is about the immensity of struggle, how it can be beautiful and fun and painful and exhausting all at the same time, how it's necessary no matter how "ahead" or "behind" you may be. We can celebrate the victories, big or small, while we plan for the next battle.

Anyways, hope you like the piece. Keep fighting.

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