Sunday, April 28, 2013

New releases from Dem Atlas, PCP, See More Perspective, Kaoz and Khary Jackson

I know a lot of talented people. Here are few of them. Most of this stuff is free. Download it and make a "new music" playlist that will last you a couple hours. I love doing that.


Everyone who's seen Dem Atlas perform knows that he's something special. The next project I release will actually be a short collaborative EP with him (more on that soon). The kid is just overflowing with talent and personality, and you can catch a lot of that here on his debut EP. The Pharcyde comparisons are easy, but only because they're pretty accurate. So imagine if the Pharcyde came up in the Twin Cities hip hop scene-- that's how I hear this stuff, and that's an enormous compliment. Dem Atlas on Facebook.


Just about everyone I know these days has a "slash." Rapper/producer. Poet/dancer. Singer/painter. But PCP has lots of slashes, and does all of them well. If you frequent this site, you may know him as the guy who shot and edited about half of my spoken-word videos, as well as the "To Young Leaders" video. He's also a long-time youth worker and educator. He's also a producer, MC and singer. His debut LP is coming soon, and this EP is a hell of a compelling preview. It's a raw, visceral collection of songs that showcase a vocal approach reminiscent of Eyedea and Kristoff Krane over some gorgeously unique, live instrument-driven production. PCP on Facebook.


See More is halfway through his "seasonal" EPs, having released "Fall Forward" and "Brain Freeze" already, with "Food for Thaw" coming soon. I've BEEN saying that he's one of the freshest voices in the scene, with a unique, playful style, boom-bap sensibilities and an overall vibe of positivity and community, and these EPs (produced by Serebellum One) are a great place to start if you're late to the party. See More will also be releasing his first spoken-word project, "THE COSMOS ACCORDING TO YOUR CLOSED EYES," in September. See More Perspective on Facebook.


Kaoz has been a staple of our Hip Hop Against Homophobia shows for the past few years, and has been a tireless artist, advocate, activist and educator. While that description might make you think he's a joyless "conscious" rap scold (like me, haha), he's definitely not. This is an album (or two albums, really) about sex, identity and much more, and it's fun, funny and powerful. Kaoz is never afraid to keep it real. You can get volume one and volume two here. Kaoz on Facebook.

Khary is a very talented poet and spoken-word artist. I think the thing that separates him from the pack, however, is his ambition. He takes risks. He does very difficult things artistically but makes them look easy. I haven't read his book yet, but I've known him and his work for years now and I'm SURE this is brilliant stuff. You can get it through Write Bloody Publishing. And here's a video of him in action.

There's always more great stuff being released. Sorry if I missed you; these five are just people I know personally. Feel free to leave a comment if you got something people should check out.

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