Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Updates: Opine Season, youth poetry slam Finals, new music news, and a memory

Just a few updates:

1. Why Is Guante So Opinionated?
I've been writing a weekly column at the new online op-ed co-op OPINE SEASON for the past three weeks. Other writers include Kao Kalia Yang, Ricardo Levins Morales, Chaun Webster, Lolla Mohammed Nur and more, an inspired and inspiring alliance of talent. The site was founded by Matt Peiken and we've had an incredible first few weeks of life-- both in terms of traffic and quality of material. Here's a piece on us from the City Pages too.

Check it out. If you missed my first pieces, they were "The Oscars, Bad Jokes and Bully Culture," "On Macklemore, Privilege, and Moving the Conversation Forward," and "How Men Can Take an Active Role in Dismantling Rape Culture." If you like something, please share it. If you don't, leave a comment.

2. Youth Poetry Slam FINALS on March 29
Tish Jones has been putting in tons of work getting this new youth poetry slam series running, and I've been helping out however I can. We've already seen four great prelim slams, two tough semis, and now we're left with the top 12 teen poets from around MN. They'll be sharing their passion, talent and style on stage at In the Heart of the Beast Theater in MPLS on March 29; it should be a great show. Here's the Facebook event page with more details. Come support some of the most outspoken young people in the area. Tish also runs one of the best open mics in town, every Thursday at 6pm at Golden Thyme Cafe.

3. A bunch of great shows, more soon
Big thanks to UW-La Crosse, UW-River Falls, the University of St. Thomas, Central High School and the other recent places I've performed in the past couple weeks. I'll take that over SXSW any time, haha. Upcoming gigs include St. Olaf College, CSB/SJU, a two-night gig in Appleton and more; details for all TBA soon. If you want to bring me to your college, maybe for the Fall, check out my updated booking page.

4. New music coming soon
In the past month or so, I've recorded a few guest verses, finished up a very special project that features vocals from me and Dem Atlas over production from the Rube (it's unlike anything I've ever released, and we'll make it public soon), and started working on another special project. I also have songs with Katrah-Quey and Lydia Hoglund from Bomba de Luz just about ready to be released. "You Better Weaponize" is still my proudest achievement so far, and we'll be releasing more videos throughout the year to keep pushing it. THANKS to everyone who continues to listen.

5. In remembrance
Finally, I don't talk much about my personal life here, so I hope this isn't odd that it's just the last point on a bullet point list, because it's obviously the most important one for me. I just wanted to share my grandmother's obituary. Such a beautiful life. You will be missed and remembered.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guante, I'll be performing as a featured artist after intermission at the slam final next friday. I'm really looking forward to hopefully meeting you there, you are one of my prominent local influences.