Monday, January 21, 2013

Song Spotlight #2: “Fireworks,” the politics of sex, and activist intersections

Above is a live performance of the song (yet again filmed and edited by Patrick Pegg), and here’s the album-version:

I was excited about releasing this song; partly because I think it’s a concept that hasn’t really been touched before by any rapper or musician I’ve heard, but mostly because it’s an idea that I think is important. Well, two ideas:

1. Our social and cultural attitudes toward sex color a lot of our actions around many other issues. Sex is used by politicians, media personalities and others as a wedge to scare, distract and divide people. I mean, the song is pretty straightforward, so I won’t expand on this idea too much here. “…without the fear of it, they would never get elected,” etc.

2. More generally: all issues are intertwined. While this song is about how the politicization of sex and sexuality affects other issues in U.S. politics, it could really be about anything—the criminal justice system, the environment, gun control, whatever. Every conversation we have or law we pass has a ripple effect; so-called “niche issues” or “special interests” are often much more universal than we generally want to believe. And when we start to see this, internalize it, and start working together, we can accomplish great things.

The first activist experience I ever had was with a group that did work around healthy sexuality. While it hasn’t exactly been my focus for the past few years, it’s still something I think is super important; major respect to all the activists out there working on this stuff.

I hope you like the song. As always, any re-posts of this link or of the video itself are greatly appreciated. And if you like it, be sure to check out the whole album here.

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