Tuesday, September 04, 2012

YOU BETTER WEAPONIZE Cover, Tracklist and Release Date

Guante & Big Cats:
01. To Young Leaders
02. Until There’s Nothing Left w/ Toki Wright, Crescent Moon
03. Lightning w/ Chastity Brown
04. Underground Sex Party w/ Kristoff Krane
05. Other w/ Chastity Brown, See More Perspective, Chantz Erolin
06. Fireworks
07. Everything Burns
08. Straight Outta Genosha
09. Break w/ Kristoff Krane
10. A Leap of Faith into a Bottomless Pit
11. The Invisible Backpacker of Privilege w/ Chantz Erolin, Truth Be Told
12. A Pragmatist’s Guide to Revolution
13. Asterisk

The album will be available November 6, election day. The release party will be November 9 at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis. Lots more details, singles, videos and all that coming soon. But mark your calendars.

For now, let me just say this: even in a year filled with great indie-hip hop releases, I have no doubt that this album will stick out. Big Cats is one of the best producers in underground rap, and these songs are like nothing else you're going to hear, locally or not, this year or whenever. Stay tuned.

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Tyler Lebens said...

What an awesome motley crew of rappers.