Monday, April 30, 2012

Heidi Barton Stink: album pre-order, single and release party news

Heidi is one of my favorite local artists.  I love hip hop that's both radically political and funny and big-hearted at the same time, and Heidi does that really well.  Her new album will be released on May 7, and you can pre-order it now at this link.

As someone who has heard the whole thing (multiple times), I can say that it definitely deserves some attention, even in a scene as saturated with talent as ours.  Aside from having the unique perspective of a trans-woman and queer-liberation activist (not exactly a commonly-heard voice in hip hop), Heidi also has a dense, technically precise rhyme style and wonderfully poetic way of talking about important issues that should appeal to indie-rap heads as much as it does to LGBTQ activists.  The production, handled exclusively by See More Perspective, is unlike anything else you'll hear this year-- grounded in old-school, sample-based boom-bap, but growing into some very weird, funky, forward-thinking places.

Here's an advance single, a song that features me and See More rapping as well.

This song is a lot of fun, but I'm super excited for people to hear the rest of the album... like the song where Heidi and See More build a golem out of school lunch meet to defend kids from bullies.  It's a remarkably creative album, and while there's a strain of dark humor and burnt-out-radical-cynicism running through it, there's also a beautiful core of humanism and hope.  This isn't just a well-made, head-nodding hip hop album; it's an important album, one that gives voice to a struggle that is all too often invisible, especially in a place like Minnesota, especially this year.

I hope it blows up, and if you're someone who already knows about Heidi and/or wants to help the album blow up, PLEASE spread the word.  Invite people to the show.  Forward the album link.  Word of mouth is incredibly powerful.

The CD release party will be on Thursday, May 17 at Hell's Kitchen in MPLS, and will feature me, See More and Desdamona, as well as Heidi herself.  (10pm, 18+, $5).  HK LINK HERE.  Facebook event page HERE.

UPDATE: Another song from the album, one of my favorites:

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