Thursday, March 01, 2012

Guante: "Lightning" (A Capella)

Guante -- Lightning (Acapella) from Unique Techniques on Vimeo.

This is actually the a capella version of a song on the new Guante & Big Cats! album, YOU BETTER WEAPONIZE. The album version will be very different, but I wanted to share this now.  It was recorded at the A Loud Heart album release party at Honey in MPLS.  Big thanks to Patrick Pegg and Unique Techniques.

I wrote this after giving the keynote speech at the Tomorrow's Leaders Today conference and hearing so many stories, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes inspiring, and then thinking of my own life.  This is one of those "realest shit I ever wrote" type of songs for me, and the theme of focusing so-called negative energy into something constructive is something I tend to write about a lot because it resonates with me a great deal.

For more information on the new album (and a new song you can DL for free) check this link.

LYRICS (because someone asked for them):

I was struck by lightning
Not as a figure of speech, I was literally struck by lightning
It smells like a hospital on fire
Like the cleanest smoke you can imagine
Like spring water pulled apart by the atoms
It smells like recycled air on a airplane crashin’
What are the odds? It didn’t give me superpowers
so I guess I gotta take my chances
with smalltalk, weather reports and high traffic
with time clocks and time bombs and time passin’
when I’m not here any more will my planet
even notice my absence…
I swear, some days are like carvin’ your name into the capitol
with just your fingernails while the politicians laugh at you
and some days are worse
I want to leave a legacy so you’ll remember me for more than this verse, please
Hold your applause
Hold it forever
There’s so much that keeps us apart
And so little that holds us together…
But whatever that is we’re gonna need it
it’s gonna get worse before it gets better
and it only gets better when we do better
and we only do better when we fuse together, yes
there’s no progress without struggle
Whether you’re a activist or just a kid in some trouble
A student graduatin’ with debt, a single mother depressed
A little brother repressed, drippin’ the sun as it sets
Into a habit hidden under the bed
While four walls echo something I said
When dark clouds gather, remember to just fight back
Not everyone can be touched or struck like that
And survive…
but you did…
you still got a spark inside
so use it…
see I’ve learned a little bit about energy
I’ve learned when it enters you, it loses charge
So the negative and positive are worth the same amount
The passion and the pain, the smiles and the scars
Whether you lost your job or won the lottery
That energy enters you like a lightning bolt
And no matter how dark its origin
once it’s inside you, it’s yours to control
So what this means, is that those
Who’ve been through the most have the most to let go
There is strength in our anger, power in our pain
even beauty in the hourglass’ grains
it all depends on how we use it
some people make music, some people make excuses
some people make enemies, some make believe
some people make the most of every tragedy
and me, I just wanna make a scene
ain’t gonna patiently wait for my pain to bury me
ain’t gonna waste all this energy chasin’ popularity
or prosperity, I’d rather stand tall in solidarity
with everyone we’ve lost, because they’re never lost
and every one of y’all who stay forever strong
and we’ll build basslines out of thunder
rap to the rhythm of the rain and dance on the little bit of space
that we have and build something lasting
as this empire’s collapsing
And when they ask me to come along quietly
I’ll say how can I quit? I got lightning inside of me.


mandy! said...

Oh my god that is phenomenal.

Glen said...

Just wanted to thank you for coming to UMD during the dance marathon! I felt this song was especially moving. It is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

made me tear up.

Unknown said...

Simply amazing