Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vote for Guante in Lazerbeak's Rap Contest

So the Doomtree hip hop collective is pretty big up here in MN. And producer Lazerbeak is kind of the cog that makes it all work, at least in my opinion. He's got a new album out now. And when I heard he was having a contest where MCs could rap over one of his beats, I figured why not.

My song is called TATTOOS FOR TODDLERS.  Check it out here:
Guante by Lava Bangers Rap Contest

I wanted to write a fully-realized song for this; it's subject matter that I've tackled before, but it's something I'm passionate about so it was fun to take a crack at it from a new angle. Singing and fast-rapping are two things that I rarely do, and that's pretty much all this song is, so it was a great challenge too. See More Perspective mixed and recorded it. If I don't win, we'll probably just remix it and release it as something else.

If you like it, you can vote for it HERE.
Voting ends on Monday. If I win, I get a million dollars or something. So any re-posts, RTs or forwards are much appreciated.

You can check out the other entries HERE. Shout to Homeless and Analyrical because I know them, haha.

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