Monday, January 02, 2012

Video: "Neutral: An Open Letter to Michele Bachmann"

This piece really isn't about Michele Bachmann-- as I say in the poem, she's a convenient figurehead.  The problem here is much bigger, of course.  I'll let the poem speak for itself, but definitely wanted to share some further reading material and ways to plug in:

MINNPOST: "Bullying gay and lesbian kids: How a school district became a suicide contagion area"

A Star Tribune piece about GSAs in the Anoka-Hennepin school district.

A Star Tribune piece about how the neutrality policy is being challenged.

Website for the Southern Poverty Law Center

This page at the MN Activist Project lists a few organizations in the Twin Cities area who do work around LGBTQ rights.  Check them out and get involved.

If anyone knows specific ways that people can plug in, please leave a comment.


Nikki Lopez said...

Dude. A friend of my 3 years ago told me to check your work out- that was one of the greatest gifts she could have given me. You are just living life presently raw honest and open. Many blessings to you. You have a fan here in Philly.

Rant And Rave KC said...

And in KC!!!

Paul said...

First of all, I hope to be there for the upcoming 400 Club benefit concert. The FBI should be tracking all those scammers that keep telling me I just won $1 million, and leaving political dissidents alone to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

Michele Bachman! Where do all these demagogues come from? Do they really believe the stuff they spout, or are they just pandering to some know-nothing "base"?

Food for thought - Prof. Altemeyer's book, The Authoritarians, which he makes available for free: