Sunday, December 11, 2011

Occupy MN's Next Step: "Occupy Our Homes"

Watch this video. It's pretty powerful. More info at this ABC News link.

People keep asking about what's next, or what the protesters' main goal is. And the power of the Occupy movement is that each community can decide for itself, based on the specific needs of that community, what they want these protests to become.  Here in the Twin Cities, this looks like the next big thing.

And I'm very excited about it.  This kind of organizing not only makes an enormous symbolic statement about the power that everyday people have to resist the powers-that-be, it actually helps real people-- our neighbors-- in a concrete, practical way.  That combination is powerful.  If the MN movement can become less about defending the encampment and more about going out into the community and helping people defend their homes (of course, under their leadership and only with their consent), big things can happen.

Best of all, there will be a ton of opportunities coming up for people to get involved.  I'm going to a meeting in a couple of hours where they're going to announce the structure of the organization and talk about how people can join this movement and pitch in.  I will post details when I have them (here are my Twitter and Facebook).

Another useful link: the website for MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, another organization working on alternatives to foreclosure.

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