Sunday, October 02, 2011

New song! The Rube featuring Guante & See More Perspective

Rube - Shotgun Soliloquy feat Guante & See More Perspective by UrbanWorld Records

The Rube is a great guy and a really unique producer.  He specializes in "electro-swing" with some hip hop undertones.  This track is called "Shotgun Soliloquy" and features some shit-talking raps by me (first) and See More Perspective (second).  A lot of fun.  Check it out.

In other news, a bunch of really cool shows coming up-- benefits, college shows, club shows and two VERY special ones:

1. A LOUD HEART release party at Honey on 11/11.  This is the acoustic rap project that me and Claire Taubenhaus have been working on.  Expect more promo stuff for this soon, but mark your calendars now.  It'll be an early show, 7-10pm.

2. DEATH POETRY JAM at Intermedia Arts on 11/28.  This is a show I'm putting together that will celebrate life by talking about death.  Expect poems, songs and stories about ghosts, zombies, ancestors and the life/death cycle.  It's really going to be something special.

Hope to see you there.

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Good looking out!