Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini-Documentary about Occupy MN featuring me

Spilt Magazine, along with Above Ground Magazine, produced this video. It features me, Ilicit, Brother Ali and a bunch of the occupiers.

Occupy Minnesota from Spilt Magazine on Vimeo.

It actually features a lengthy segment of my last-minute poem/speech about how the word "revolution" has to be a concrete thing and not just an abstract concept, that progressives have to have a gameplan beyond "raising our voices," that struggle means sacrifice and hard work and paying attention to the day-to-day details of movement-building.  I didn't want to just read a "rah rah we're so great" kind of activist poem (after all, the other speakers were inspiring and optimistic), so I ended up with this... a pretty awful poem, honestly, but a speech that spoke some hard truths.  At least I hope.

The very best thing about the Occupy Movement that I've experienced is how it opens up conversations.  I've talked to more people about activism and movement-building over the past two weeks than I have in a long time.  That's incredibly valuable.  But there's a lot more to be done.  Follow the progress here and on Twitter here.

Also, I'll be performing a hip hop set down at the People's Plaza on Wednesday at 5pm before another march on the banks.  Hope you can make it!

Related: "Thoughts on Occupy MN" by me and "How the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Can Defeat the Corporate Elite" by Yotam Marom (forwarded to me by Dan DiMaggio); worth a read.

EDIT: I just found a HQ video of my entire speech:

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IBĂ© said...

Nice poem/speech, Guante! We gotta look within the word, revolution, to ask ourselves some important questions