Monday, August 15, 2011

Summertime Hip Hop Family Business at the Asian-American State Fair

1. Here's a new song featuring me, See More Perspective and Heidi Barton Stink.  It's a remix to See More's song "Summertime Hip Hop BBQ Jam for the World."  I'm the second verse.  And it's a free download. 

Summertime Hip Hop BBQ Jam for the World REMIX by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

2. Here's a new video of my poem, "The Family Business."  This summer, I've figured out that almost all of my poems are three and a half minutes long (or longer), and I've been squeezing them into three minutes in order to compete in slams for the past five years.  While there's cooler footage of this piece on the internet, this one is actually at the proper pacing:

3.  I'll be playing at the MN State Fair, at the AFL-CIO pavillion, on Tuesday, 8/30 at 4pm.  If you're going to go to the State Fair, why not just go that day at that time and check it out?  It should be fun.

4. Here's an interview with me in the Asian-American Press.  An excerpt: "Cowboy Bebop, the labor movement, comic books, legos, root beer, social justice activism and the Green Bay Packers."

5.  From giving the keynote at the TLT conference in Duluth to opening up for the incredible B.Dolan here in MPLS to tearing down the UW-Madison Terrace with Kristoff Krane and the NEM crew, to playing various shows with Prolyphic, Prayers for Atheists, Toki Wright, Junkyard Empire and others, to having yet another installment of our Hip Hop Against Homophobia series, to helping run a weekly social-justice-and-the-arts series at the Canvas, to kicking off the MN Activist Project, to facilitating workshops at the APIA spoken-word conference, the Loft's teen writers' summit and Rivertown Commons, to writing and recording a ton of new material that's better than anything else I've done (stay tuned for that), and more,  this has been a wild summer.  And Fall is only going to get wilder.  Thanks for listening.

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