Monday, August 01, 2011

Guante & Big Cats! plus B.Dolan on 8/13 at the Fineline

Me and Big Cats! haven't played a full set together in quite a while, and I'm hoping we can debut some of our brand new material.  I'm also excited to see B.Dolan live again; I just wrote a little blurb on his terribly underrated 2010 album "Fallen House, Sunken City," but if you still haven't heard the album (or the artist, one of the freshest and most passionate in progressive hip hop), here's what I said, plus a very cool video:

If you think Dolan is just a Sage Francis clone, you need to check this one out with an open mind, because there's a world of difference between the two.  Both are big guys with beards, and both combine political messages with personal drama and a smartass attitude, but Dolan is much more of a pure spitter, and his voice is fuller and more powerful.  This album has the ambition of a weirdo-indie-rap concept album, but that ambition is backed up by a rock-solid delivery and production (courtesy of Alias) that bangs as hard as anything coming out of the boom-bap traditionalist camp these days.  Definitely one of the most slept-on albums of last year.

So I hope you can come to the show. I don't have a whole lot on the calendar locally for a while, so if you're going to come out, this is the one to go to.

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Guante, very cool video! almost felt like i was there! fine collaboration!