Saturday, July 09, 2011

Guante interview + stage name origin + etc.

(random photo by MaryCae Vignolini)

This music site called The Soullective is featuring my work this week: Full interview, plus some videos and song downloads here.

I actually told the truth about my stage name in this interview, by the way.  I usually make up wild stories about bears or icebergs or electricity.  It's a question people ask all the time, so check out the interview if you're curious.

Incredibly productive summer so far-- some great shows, new music, new poetry, Canvas stuff, MN Activist stuff, workshops and more.  I also discovered iced tea.  It's like guilt-free Kool-Aid.  I've even found time to read the first three-and-a-half Game of Thrones books (so if I change my name to Dolorous Guante, you'll know why).  Lots more (real) news coming in August and especially Fall.  Thanks for all the support.

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