Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DL the Lyrics and Commentary Booklet for "An Unwelcome Guest"

Back in January of 2010, Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records released "An Unwelcome Guest," the debut full-length from Guante & Big Cats!.  It's still an album that I'm really proud of-- from the overarching concept to the individual pieces.  We got to do a song with Haley Bonar.  We got to go on the Local Show (footage above).  Strange Famous Records helped us do pre-sales.  Songs like "No Capes" and "Dragons" have become signature live songs for us.

If you don't have it or haven't heard it, you can preview the whole thing (and buy it if you like it) at our bandcamp page here.  It's a concept album that's a love story, an exploration of the difference between the violence of the oppressor and the violence of the oppressed, a meditation on superhero mythology and the nature of power... and it's got zombies (though that's always implicit, because I'm so classy).  All the radically progressive sci-fi romantics out there should dig it.

For those who DO have it, I'm going to post the lyrics booklet here.  This was a fairly painstakingly hand-assembled thing that went out with the Strange Famous pre-sale copies of the album, including full song lyrics plus "director's commentary" on each of the songs from both me and Big Cats!.  If you're a rap nerd, there's probably something for you in it.  If you're one of the 1% of the population who actually listens to the lyrics and thinks about them, definitely check it out.

Finally, here's the video we made for "A Hug from a Stranger:"

Guante + Big Cats! - A Hug From a Stranger from Tru Ruts on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Free Download: "Harry Potter (Big Cats! Remix)"

Why not?  The movie is coming out this weekend.  If you like the song, and want to get it for free, download the Guante & Big Cats! mixtape, DON'T BE NICE, at this link.

As I've said before, this song (if it isn't obvious) isn't about Harry Potter.  It's about the idea of taking on the canon, coming out of nowhere and reshaping the artistic landscape, as that series has done.  It's a handy metaphor.  Hope you like it.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Guante interview + stage name origin + etc.

(random photo by MaryCae Vignolini)

This music site called The Soullective is featuring my work this week: Full interview, plus some videos and song downloads here.

I actually told the truth about my stage name in this interview, by the way.  I usually make up wild stories about bears or icebergs or electricity.  It's a question people ask all the time, so check out the interview if you're curious.

Incredibly productive summer so far-- some great shows, new music, new poetry, Canvas stuff, MN Activist stuff, workshops and more.  I also discovered iced tea.  It's like guilt-free Kool-Aid.  I've even found time to read the first three-and-a-half Game of Thrones books (so if I change my name to Dolorous Guante, you'll know why).  Lots more (real) news coming in August and especially Fall.  Thanks for all the support.