Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photos from the MN Activist launch party at Intermedia Arts

I'm proud of the fact that I'm a pretty good artist.  But I'm probably more proud of the fact that I know how to throw a good show.  The MN Activist Project launch party at Intermedia Arts back on May 24 was a really good show-- a whole bunch of my favorite spoken-word artists reading poems about social justice, community and activism (one original and one cover piece).  Huge thanks to all of the artists and the audience who made it a great success.  These photos are all courtesy of Susan D. Stirling of Mavericksprout Photography-- THANKS!

Here's me, your amiable host:
Khary Jackson, one of the most fearsome and fearless slam poets on the planet:
Kevin Yang, one of the most promising young voices in the Twin Cities spoken-word scene:
Tish Jones, the coolest human being I've ever met:

Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, one of the pillars of our spoken-word scene:
Jake Virden, whose honesty and intensity are always inspiring:
Ed Bok Lee, whose book "Real Karaoke People" is one of my favorite books of poetry ever:
IBe, with his commanding stage presence and beautiful writing:
Kirstie, who runs an all-women's writing circle on Tuesday nights at the Canvas:
Madiba2013 (e.g. bailey & Sha Cage backed by twentythirteen), with the new baby:
And me again:

It definitely wasn't EVERY talented spoken-word artist in the TC, but it was a good bunch of them.  All of the artists who performed were inspiring.  Go out to their shows and see them.  Let's keep building.

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