Thursday, March 03, 2011

Download "No Capes" for free, WI updates, plus new mixtape announcment!

For one week only, we're making the Guante & Big Cats! song "NO CAPES" available for FREE.  Head over to the Tru Ruts main page for a download link

We released "No Capes" back in 2010 on our album, "An Unwelcome Guest."  It seems to be the song that most people tell me is their favorite.  I like it a lot too.  We wanted to make it available for free now because it speaks directly to what is happening in Wisconsin right now-- people working together to do what's right when our elected officials have failed us.

If you haven't been following the situation in WI, I want to point you to two of Josh Healey's blog posts.  Josh is a fellow poet/activist I know from when we both lived in Madison.  He moved out to the Bay, and I live in the Twin Cities now, but he's always got something interesting to say.  Read THIS ONE for an overview of the struggle, and THIS ONE for some thoughts on where it's headed.

We also wanted to make the song available as a prelude to my new mixtape.  "CONSCIOUS IS NOT ENOUGH 2011" is an updated, re-recorded version of the mixtape I put out back in 2008.  Lots of new songs, and better versions of old songs too.  If you liked that one, you'll like this one better.  If you never heard that one, even better.  The mixtape features original tracks and jacked beats, and talks about the importance of organizing, the power of community and much more.  I rap my ass off.  And it's funny.  And it's funky.  Political rap has a horrible reputation-- often for good reason-- but this mixtape is definitely something different.  Coming soon...

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