Friday, February 18, 2011

Get my new song for FREE, plus more updates

~Me and Claire Taubenhaus put a song on this compilation project called The Best Love is Free.  You can get the whole thing for free (including tracks from Sims, the Tribe & Big Cats!, Macklemore, F.Stokes and more), and here's the direct link to our song:

Definitely something different for me-- all acoustic.  Big Cats! added some nice bass touches and everything else is Claire.  We have more acoustic stuff coming, and it's very exciting.

In other news, I've been posting a ton lately, but there's just a lot going on. Lots of big shows, new music, new poetry, lots of Canvas stuff happening, this whole mess back in Wisconsin... it's a wild February.  A few quick points of interest:

~I got featuring in the TC Daily Planet.  Read about my favorite restaurants, among other things.

~Empty recorded my whole set at the Fineline last week; you can download it for free.

~I did some writing about my favorite love songs over at Reviler.

~The homie See More Perspective has a new song out for free.

~Tru Ruts family e.g. bailey is up for an Independent Music Award, and Sha Cage is in a new play; all label updates here.

SO MUCH MORE happening between now and summertime.  New music, new activist networking project, big shows, conferences and a billion other things.  Get at me on Twitter for constant updates.

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lmcroft said...

That song is amazing. Really a commentary on everything that is wrong with music for the most part. It is ego-centric, either self dignifying or self loathing. And that fact is sad, because there are so many people with so much talent, and such incorrect focus. Thanks for the reminder to all artists, that art should speak to the masses to move the masses.