Monday, January 10, 2011

Upcoming Shows

photo by Jon Behm

A few fun shows coming up.  Wanted to post this mostly just so the last post (which is ridiculous) isn't on top.

1. I've been the arts coordinator of the Canvas, a teen arts center, for a year now, booking workshops, doing school visits to promote our programs, facilitating events and much more.  We're also a burgeoning concert space, and one of our February programs is a concert series featuring artist-in-residence Kristoff Krane.  More details on that soon, but one confirmed detail is that I'll be playing the first date: Thursday, February 3.  Free and all-ages.  6pm.

2.  The Tribe & Big Cats! are about to release their debut album, Forward Thinkers Movers Shakers; the album features Abstract Rude, Toki Wright, Phil da Agony, Planet Asia and more.  I'll be doing some traveling here and there during the Spring with them.  We have confirmed dates at UW-Madison, La Crosse and UW-Stout, and more being set up.  See the column on the right.

3. "The Best Love is Free" is a compilation put together by Botzy from Culture Cry Wolf.  Me and Claire are on it this year, and there will also be a full Guante & Big Cats! set at the release party.  The show is at the Fineline on Saturday, February 12 and will also feature Kristoff Krane, Soulcrate Music, Culture Cry Wolf and more.

After that, there's the re-release of "Conscious is Not Enough" (updated and re-recorded), the launch of the MN Activist project, a show at the Loft Literary Center and a billion other things.  Should be a great year.

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