Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Fun, Unique Shows in the Next Two Weeks

Like most local artists, I have to walk the line between getting more people to hear my music (by playing shows) and avoiding promotion fatigue (by not playing shows).  It's a tricky balance, and I try to do it by playing lots of different kinds of shows-- not just rap shows in bars, but poetry stuff, variety shows, all-ages performances, fundraisers and more.  And traveling as much as possible, obviously.  Lots of cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks:

Thursday, January 27 through Saturday, January 29 at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis: A three-day performance series called "Elements in Translation."  It's a bunch of performers, all playing short sets-- from dance to hip hop to poetry to electronic and more.  I know many of the performers, and there's a load of talent in this lineup; it'll definitely be worth the admission.  It's $10 at the door, or less if you get at me early and buy a ticket from me.  8pm.

Sunday, January 30 at the Artists' Quarter in St. Paul:  Larry Lucio is throwing another Amplified Life showcase, and again, it's a lot of acts all playing shorter sets.  Me, Bao Phi, Lipset, Muja Messiah, Mike Dreams, Mally, Maria Isa, Palabristas, the Usual Suspects and more.  Kind of ridiculous.  If you like local hip hop, it's a buffet of talent.  8pm.  $5.

Thursday, February 3 at the Canvas Teen Arts Center in St. Paul: This will be the first night of the Canvas' spring hip hop concert series.  I'm the arts coordinator of the Canvas, and Kristoff Krane is our "artist-in-residency" for this series-- he'll be hosting and performing at all four events; the shows feature established acts and up-and-coming teen acts-- it's a great mix.  The first installment features me, Kris, Carnage, See More Perspective and Lady Ice & Man-Man.  It's a full lineup, and should be a lot of fun.  6-8:30pm.  Free.  All ages. (Also, be sure to check out GASP at Intermedia afterwards!)

After that, I'll be traveling with the Tribe for a few out-of-town shows: February 5 at the Root Note in La Crosse and February 11 at UW-Madison.  More being scheduled, but those are confirmed.

Saturday, February 12 at the Fineline in Minneapolis: The Best Love is Free Compilation Release Party.  Me & Big Cats! will be playing a set, along with Culture Cry Wolf, Soulcrate Music, Kristoff Krane, Wesley Opus & Botzy and DJ Fundo.  Me and Claire have a song on the compilation too, and it's something very different.  8pm.  $8.  Ticket info here.

Thursday: March 3 at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis: I'm honored to open up for Idris Goodwin, an incredible poet, rapper and writer.  Ed Bok Lee and Lisa Brimmer will also be performing.  7pm sharp.  I'm working on hooking up an afterparty that'll be more like a rap show, so stay tuned for that.

Lots more surprises coming up, including some new music.  It's going to be a great year.  For more timely info, follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook.


Tammy said...

Is there anyway to grab a copy of The Best Love is Free Compilation if you can't make it to the release party? Either online or through you? I will see you the night before in Madison, any chance you'd bring one with?

Guante said...

I'm sure there will be; don't know the details yet, though.

If i can get my hands on some, i'll definitely bring them with to Madison. If not, we'll figure something out.

cristabell said...

Thanks for posting the video! We can talk about the compilations when we get them back from press!