Monday, December 20, 2010

Some Guante & Big Cats! Live Footage

Some footage from a Guante & Big Cats! show at the 7th St. Entry.  Audio by Empty, video by Pure Optics, edited together by Rangel Arts. The band is Mike Ries (drums), Mike Coyne (guitar & bass), Chris Tures (guitar), Eric Blomquist (keys & saxophone), Big Cats! (MPC & bass) and Guante (vocals).

We are a very big, loud, angry band; I'm not sure how well that translates here (particularly in the instrumental parts of "Bleeds" and "Midnight" where it just goes nuts), but you get the idea.  Come to a show.  Most of these songs are from our debut LP, "An Unwelcome Guest."

If It Bleeds, It Leads:

1 10 20 200:


Red States:

The Damp, Foggy Midnight:

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