Sunday, October 31, 2010

Voter Guides

Hey.  So if you're voting on Tuesday, but you haven't really been following the races or whatever, there's a site that posts user-made voter guides.  You can find an organization or entity that you trust and see who they're endorsing.  Whatever state you live in, there's a guide (probably multiple guides).

Here's the link:

The site was set up by the League of Young Voters, a very cool organization.

My only obligatory "get out the vote" pitch is this.  Voting isn't the only way to create change.  It may not even be the most effective.  But it is the easiest.  There really is no excuse; I've come around to the idea that important tactical and short-term gains really CAN be created through the ballot box.  I still believe that we all need to get involved in progressive organizations that work on important causes all year-round, no matter who is in office, but I ALSO believe that voting really is as important as everyone always says it is.  So don't just vote; get everyone you know to vote-- family, friends, co-workers, whatever.  Organize your social circle.  There's going to be a lot of close elections this year; let's be ready.

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