Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tour Update

So far, we've been to Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago-- five shows down.  It's been great.  Milwaukee is one of my favorite places to visit-- so many beautiful, genuine people there.  And Madison is my second home, so that was fun too.  I'm writing this from Chicago, where we've played two shows and have one more to go (Sunday at the Green Mill, ground zero of poetry slam culture).  It's fun.

I'm touring with Inky, who is a good poet and also a vegan, which means I get to eat at places I wouldn't otherwise.  Total blessing in disguise.  I had some Chicago deep-dish last night while she was out, but I actually didn't enjoy it as much as the black bean burger, mashed potatoes and vegan shake I had at the Chicago Diner the other day.  Maybe she's on to something.

All in all, this tour has been great for making me rethink certain strategies.  As much as I enjoy rapping, spoken-word shows are really special for me-- more of an attentive audience, more room to be creative, less drama, more profitable... This might be the future.  I'll take a smaller crowd who is actually interested in what you have to say over a big crowd who just wants to drink, flirt and nod their heads any day.  I know that's a false binary, but still.

Mostly, I just wanted to post that picture Inky shot in Madison.  It's a sad bear.  Go Packers.

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