Friday, June 04, 2010

Various New Videos (a cute cat, Guante talking, friends, etc.)

Finally got the proper firewire cable. Here are a bunch of new videos for various things.

Here's a music video I put together for my song "Spirit Bomb," the remix version that See More Perspective produced. You may not like the song, but you can't front on the million dollar production values:

Also, here's a video of me being interviewed about my art and my job for Springboard for the Arts:

Here's Chantz Erolin performing at the Fineline. Medium Zach on the beat:

Here's footage from the same show: Quilombolas featuring Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, Truthmaze and others for a special rendition of "Revolucionario." From what I hear, this might be the very last song they ever play as a band; glad I was able to capture it:

Finally, here's the newly touched-up version of Juliana Hu Pegues' and Tatiana Ormaza's "Under the Table," a very cool duo spoken-word piece about immigration and much more:

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