Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Twin Cities spoken-word scene, April to August going to be intense. In a good way.

I won't post every event here; check out Minnesota Microphone for the full calendar. But man, MPLS semifinals, the last-chance slam for the St. Paul team, both cities' FINALS slams, a new registered venue (Punch Out Poetry's all-women's slam), two monstrous college teams (U of M and Macalester), a ridiculous Brave New Voices youth team, all kinds of special non-slam events too... and then there's the National Poetry Slam in St. Paul, 8/3-8/7.

Yeah, check out that calendar.

As for me, personally, I'll be competing at the St. Paul slam on April 5 (8pm at the Artists' Quarter). If I do alright, I'll be competing at Finals on May 3. Both slams are going to be incredible shows, I absolutely guarantee that. There's even a chance that I won't make the team this year (I was champ last year, and our team took first at Nationals); that's how good the TC scene has gotten. Either way, I'm looking forward to helping organize and promote NPS. Good things should be happening.

And of course, all this is on top of playing some BIG rap shows between now and August-- opening for dead prez at the Cabooze on 4/10, playing both of Kristoff Krane's album release parties in May, big shows in Madison, St. Louis and elsewhere, and a special surprise for May 1. Check the calendar for the full info.

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