Sunday, December 13, 2009

release party debrief

Rodrigo snapped this photo. More photos and video coming soon.

I feel like I've been holding my body and sanity together by sheer force of will this past week, and now that the release party is over I can finally just fall apart. But wow. What a show.

Packed house, amazing sets by Kristoff Krane (who waded into the center of the crowd and played a song on acoustic guitar, between monstrous hip hop tracks), No Bird Sing and the Tribe, killer guest appearances from Chastity Brown and Big Quarters, great staff and space, a trip to Little Tijuana afterwards-- pretty much everything I could have asked for.

Loved the stage set-up. You'll be able to see it in other photos more closely, but we had a multi-level stage and there were fake trees all around. Very cool. And despite a few sound hiccups (our monitor blew after our second song or so), I thought we played our asses off; best performance of ours, ever. Even got to do my "we are waking up in our caskets (CASKETS!)" call and response thing.

Turnout exceeded expectations. Pretty much a packed house, even earlier, and people stuck around until the end. The Bedlam is a pretty big space too, so I'm not sure what our actual numbers were, but I'm beyond happy. Big thanks to everyone who made it out.

So for now, you can ONLY get the new album through the Strange Famous web store. Our official release date is January 12, so after that it'll be in stores and Itunes and all that, but for now, head over to Sage's house and pick up the special package (signed CD, sticker, instrumentals and PDF booklet) for just $9.99.

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Anonymous said...

good job kyle! me and toki sat like 2 old veterans in the seats..admiring the whole show. soak it in!