Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Only a few people have heard the new Guante & Big Cats album, but one response we've gotten a few times is "I didn't know Guante could rap; I thought this was going to be a spoken-word album over beats." So yeah, so we're all on the same page, let me talk in third person for a second:

Guante raps. Guante is not "a poet who raps." Guante raps really well. Guante also performs spoken-word really well, but for him, those two things aren't related all that much. It is possible for one person to do two (or more) different things at a high level.

And yeah, I like spoken-word, and I like writing songs "about stuff." But like I say in the video below, no one likes to be pigeon-holed. So here's a video of me rapping about rapping while Big Cats plays the MPC:


Call Us The Tribe said...

chyea boy

aliciaisbrown said...

One reason why I like watching Guante rap:
When you speak to Guante, he is very calm, his words leave softly - introspective; then his raps explode through your space.

Culture Bully said...

nice steadycam! lol

beats & rhymes galore!

Culture Bully said...

that sounded negative when i was reading it, sorry

just jokes n jokes n jokes

el guante said...

haha thanks.

Anonymous said...

me and alicia need to be on that friends and allies list. lol

good isht!

anjibee said...

dooooooo i knew guante could rap! i wanna hear the new tunes. maybe i can spin something on my show?