Friday, December 04, 2009

everything's comin' up guante

Finally, after a grueling year-plus of work, we got the physical copies of the new album. Had to go to Keegan's in NE tonight with Big Cats and e.g. from Tru Ruts to sign a whole bunch of copies. Why? You'll find out soon.

Some lady walked by and bought one, out of nowhere. Good omen?

If YOU want one, you'll have to come to the release party (12/12 at the Bedlam). Nobody gets one before then, and since the show itself is more of a "special Twin Cities preview," you won't be able to get one AFTER the show either, at least not for a little bit. Something very cool is happening-- can't talk about it yet, but soon, like, early next week.

Oh also-- I know everything is digital these days, but you really should get a physical copy. The art (done by Big Cats himself) is beautiful. Get the little booklet that comes with the album too; I make them myself and they have all kinds of cool stuff in them-- lyrics, song notes, more. Fun fact: the mystery figure on the cover is a doctored photo of Truth Be Told from the Tribe.

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