Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Halloween PSA

I'm about to head to Chicago for a show, but first, a little Halloween PSA:

Dressing up like a stereotype of someone else's ethnic/cultural heritage isn't just insensitive, it's fucking stupid.

Many of us have learned, over the past ten halloweens or so, that it's pretty much pointless to argue with someone wearing a poncho, sombrero and fake mustache who is carrying a bottle of fake liquor about why his costume is innappropriate. You can talk politics with the fratboy in the fake locs and Jamaican hat or the girl in the "Asian Dragon Lady" costume until you're blue in the face. They probably won't get it.

So rather than debating with some drunk guy in blackface, or calling the PC police on that friend-of-a-friend wearing the turban and fake beard, why don't we try a new approach:

"Hey idiot-- you had all this time to think of a costume to wear and the best you could come up with is this? How boring. How unoriginal. How fucking stupid. Yes it's offensive on a political level, but it's also offensively uncreative. You went to the store and thought 'duuuude this mexican guy costume is hilarious, dude; everyone's gonna love me' and you bought it. You're an idiot."

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