Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A FREE album for you


See More Perspective produced the whole thing, and the two of us take turns, more or less, on the vocals. It's got a Halloween/Day of the Dead theme, and will only be free until Friday the 13th in November, so grab it now.

We actually released a version of this last Halloween, but this one has some new tracks, and everything is re-mastered. As I get ready to put out the Guante & Big Cats album and See More preps his debut full-length, we wanted to get something out now for all the people who have been supporting us. We're very grateful. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Halloween PSA

I'm about to head to Chicago for a show, but first, a little Halloween PSA:

Dressing up like a stereotype of someone else's ethnic/cultural heritage isn't just insensitive, it's fucking stupid.

Many of us have learned, over the past ten halloweens or so, that it's pretty much pointless to argue with someone wearing a poncho, sombrero and fake mustache who is carrying a bottle of fake liquor about why his costume is innappropriate. You can talk politics with the fratboy in the fake locs and Jamaican hat or the girl in the "Asian Dragon Lady" costume until you're blue in the face. They probably won't get it.

So rather than debating with some drunk guy in blackface, or calling the PC police on that friend-of-a-friend wearing the turban and fake beard, why don't we try a new approach:

"Hey idiot-- you had all this time to think of a costume to wear and the best you could come up with is this? How boring. How unoriginal. How fucking stupid. Yes it's offensive on a political level, but it's also offensively uncreative. You went to the store and thought 'duuuude this mexican guy costume is hilarious, dude; everyone's gonna love me' and you bought it. You're an idiot."

More reading here.

And more here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Verbal Graffiti Tour: WI, IL, IA, NY, more!

Along with Junkyard Empire and e.g. bailey, I'll be going on a few swings in the next few months-- Midwest in October and November, East Coast in December, West Coast in January. More dates are being added. Doing hip hop sets on the dates with Junkyard, and then maybe hopping off to do spoken-word stuff between dates.

Also just added a Halloween weekend show (10/30) in La Crosse, WI with See More Perspective at the Root Note.

For the press release, CLICK HERE.

For a full, updating calendar, CLICK HERE. Here's what we got so far:

• 10/22 – The Kinetic Playground – Chicago, IL

9:00pm • 21+ • $7

10/23 – The Reptile Palace – Oshkosh, WI
9:00pm • 21+ • $5

10/24 – Java 101 w/ Diagram of Truth – Dekalb, IL
8:00pm • All Ages • $6

11/19 – Doc’s – Sioux Center, IA
8:00pm • 21+ • $5

11/20 – The Industry – Iowa City, IA
9:00pm • 19+ • $7

12/05 – Red Square w/ Broadcast Live – Albany, NY
8:00pm • 21+ • $5

12/06 – Fat Baby – New York, NY
9:00pm • 21+ • $8

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Preview the new Guante & Big Cats album!

CLICK HERE (and scroll down for the MP3 download)

Noam the Drummer put together this megamix of our new album, An Unwelcome Guest, essentially condensing an hour-long zombie-superhero-love-story concept album into 15 crazy minutes. In it, you’ll hear some flashes of the story, a few of our guests (Haley Bonar, Chastity Brown, Eric Blair of No Bird Sing; the album also features Big Quarters and Prolyphic, though they’re not in this mix) and an idea of how the album as a whole sounds. We’ll be releasing the LP in December on Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records. Think of this as the trailer.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

album update, new writing, goings-ons


1. New post at CultureBully listing our favorite "political" songs: add to the list here.

2. Guante & Big Cats! are on BandCamp now. You can hear our whole EP, "Start a Fire" for free, and buy it track by track if there's a shred of a human soul rattling around in your hollow frame. My favorite songs off that project are "The Hero" and "Dragons." There's a slightly different version of "Dragons" on our full-length, but you'll see.

3. Speaking of our full-length,"An Unwelcome Guest," big news this week. Stay tuned. The album is done, and we're looking at a December release. But like I said, we'll be leaking something cool this week.

4. We shot a video for "One of These Mornings" with the amazing One Light Collective. Because of the concept, there's going to be a lot of post-production, so it might not be out for a few months still, but it should be worth the wait. Big thanks to everyone who came out in the cold to be extras-- Rodrigo, Bryan, Jillian & friends, SeeMore & Sarah, Sha & EG, plus all the actors and crew.

5. Big shows this month: the Fong Lee benefit show at Macalester was huge, and full of amazing artists coming together to speak out against police brutality and honor the memory of Fong Lee. His family was inspiring. I also performed at Bryan Thao Worra's book release show, which was a lot of fun. Bryan's one of my favorite poets, and his new book is fantastic (it's called "Barrow"). Also played a show at Sobriety High School for their Fall Ball, which is always fun. Next up is a political prisoner benefit gig at the Bedlam on Sunday, and then we're off on a short tour-- details announced very soon.

6. I've decided that if the Packers don't have a good season, I may as well root for the Vikings. But if I'm going to do that, they'd better win the damn Superbowl, and not get knocked out in the second round of the playoffs like they always do when they're good.

7. Finally finished some new poems. Think I might slam in November. Did you know that the National Poetry Slam is going to be in St. Paul in 2010? Should be pretty wild.

8. If I had been smart and voted for myself in the City Pages "Picked to Click" poll, I think I would have cracked the top ten. Blessing in disguise, though; gunning for #1 in 2010. Let's hope people enjoy this crazy-ass album about zombies and superhero mythology and love and displacement.

9. Found myself at an Old Country Buffet the other day. The food wasn't very good, but I did enjoy having lots of different drinks (choosing one drink is so confining). On second thought, the nacho bar was quite good. Been spending all my money on Amazing Thailand, Quang and Jasmine Deli.

10. Late-pass, I know, but the funniest thing about the whole Kanye situation is that that Beyonce video he loves so much is just your standard "women dancing in front of a white background" video. GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

11. Yes, I officially dropped the "el" from my name. All the websites still have it, so i'm thinking of it as a more formal version. But from here on out, on fliers, press releases and albums, it's just "Guante." Thanks.

12. Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates, because I'm sure that's what you really want.