Monday, August 17, 2009

three big upcoming shows

Friday, 9/4 at the Cedar Cultural Center (all ages!): Junkyard Empire's CD release:
Saturday, 9/5 at Intermedia Arts: 2009 Clapperclaw Festival (get tickets now!):
Friday, 9/11 at Eclipse Records (all ages!): No Bird Sing CD release show:
September kicks off with a bang. Very excited about all three of these. We'll likely be adding some spoken-word-only dates to capitalize on the national championship, and will be touring at the end of the month. Tremendous.


Salina said...

The Junkyard Empire show looks so interesting to me. Touring... what region(s)?

el guante said...

a midwest swing and an east coast swing in the fall, and then a longer west coast swing in january or so. at least that's the idea.