Friday, August 07, 2009

my team is in the National Poetry Slam FINALS!

So I'm on the St. Paul team this year. We won both of our prelims, won our semifinals bout, and now are going to the National Poetry Slam FINALS for the first time, ever.

We'll be facing San Francisco, Albuquerque and NY's Nuyorican team. And we have most of our best poems left. It's going to be wild.

Just got back from semis. We faced off against Oakland, NY's Urbana team, Orlando and Austin's NeoSoul team. A big, challenging bout. Khary and Sierra both got perfect scores on two absolutely mind-blowing poems. Mike did a brilliant piece and kind of got robbed. And by the time I got up as our anchor, we had a comfortable lead so I did "Love in the Time of Zombies" and closed it out for us. We're all very pleased with how we performed, and more importantly with the quality of the pieces we brought this year.

Personal aside: it's weird-- back home, I'm probably the most famous person on the team. I get the most press; I'm our Grand Slam champion-- not saying I'm the best; just that I'm the most well-known. HERE, however, I'm like the faceless nobody on this team. Both Khary and Sierra are superstars in the slam community, and Mike knows everyone from College Nationals. It's kind of fun being the weird guy nobody knows anything about. Or talks to. Or looks at. Haha.

Overall, this Nationals has been a great experience. It feels so good to be on a team that's writing and performing high-quality work and not just pandering and doing easy bullshit. There's been a lot of that this year, by the way. I'd like to say I've seen dozens of brilliant, inspiring pieces, but I'd be lying. Some really good stuff here and there, to be sure, but all in all it's been frustrating.

But at least we're doing well. We'll see how Finals shakes out. It'd be great to rep the Midwest and take home a win. Personally, though, I just hope the poetry is good. I know we'll be bringing some pieces we really love and have confidence in. Thanks for all the support!

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