Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday: summertime hip hop barbeque jam for the WORLD

This is a pretty ridiculous lineup (Toki Wright, Maria Isa, Guante & Big Cats!, DJ Itch13, See More Perspective) and there'll be free food too.

Friday at the Nomad in Minneapolis. Food starts at 7pm, music at 9pm. $7. Should be a lot of fun. Itchie is one of my favorite DJs; he'll be up from Chicago just for this show.

Also, if you're reading this note from my facebook, go to the original post so you see the image of the flyer. It's very nice.

And as long as I'm wasting your time promoting myself, I'll also mention that Sunday is the annual EROTIC SLAM at the artists' quarter in St. Paul. 8pm. Big raffle, lots of dirty/beautiful poetry. I'll be competing. It's always (for some reason) the biggest slam of the year.

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