Tuesday, June 02, 2009



1. Performing at Soundset ended up being a lot of fun. Here's my full recap. Still waiting for the photos, but I'll post them when I get them.

2. You can catch me on two great new mixtapes: hip hop blog Midwest Broadcast's "Flyover Land," and the McNally Smith "Rhymebook Compilation." Both are free, and both have some really good tracks from artists like Hieruspecs, Toki Wright, Big Quarters, Doomtree, Kristoff Krane, Kanser, Muja Messiah, M.anifest and many more. The MWB one you can download for free; the McNally Smith one might be hard-copy only, but check out what they're doing either way. They have a Hip Hop Studies diploma now, and it's taught by people who actually know what they're talking about.

3. I updated my "Sexism in Indie Hip Hop" article and it's posted over at CultureBully.com. More relevant now than ever. Please link to it, Twitter it, forward it, whatever.

4. Summertime means themed poetry slams. I'm on the St. Paul national team this year and we're trying to get to the National Poetry Slam in West Palm Beach, Florida, this August. Two big fundraiser slams coming up: the IWPS qualifier slam on July 6 and the Erotica slam on August 2.

5. June is going to be a very busy month for shows, but it's full of GOOD shows. See More's releasing a single on June 11 at the 501 Club (which is FREE); Hip Hop Against Homophobia on June 13 at the Bedlam Theater and June 27 at the Depot (I'll be in Madison for a show on the 13th but will be playing the latter one); the Bottom Feeders CD release show on June 25 at the Nomad (which is also FREE)-- all of these shows should be wild. Will be traveling a lot in July and August (and through the Fall, really) too. If you got good contacts for shows/slams/whatever in your city, let me know.

6. Me and Big Cats! are in the studio recording our full-length this month! An Unwelcome Guest, a concept album, will be out late Fall/early Winter.

7. Mentioned it already, but the homie See More Perspective will be releasing his first single on June 11 at the 501 Club. It's called "First Impression" and here's a link to some more info on that.

8. Two Hip Hop Against Homophobia shows this month, and we're also doing some more in-depth workshop/ally training stuff too. There'll be an informal discussion before the show on 6/13, at 7pm at the Bedlam Theater, and an ally training sometime in mid-late June. Space is limited; if you want to be a part of the ally training, message or email me.

9. If you haven't heard about Fong Lee, check this out; a statement made by Tou Ger Xiong after the officer who shot and killed Lee escaped punishment.

10. Don't forget: check out my twitter for regular updates. Thanks!

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