Tuesday, June 16, 2009

facilitating a workshop/ally training on 6/23

Hey-- so I was out of town, but I heard the last installment of the Hip Hop Against Homophobia series was pretty great. Good to hear things are still building and bubbling. The next event we're doing is a workshop on what it really means to be an "ally." It'll have a hip hop twist to it, but it's mostly just about discussing how those with privilege when it comes to one identity can support and work with those who are oppressed in that same identity. This is a really important topic that relates to all forms of identity, and I think we can have a pretty engaging discussion. Details are below; hope some of you can make it (or at least spread the word about it! please forward to those you think might be interested).

Pillsbury House, Tuesday June 23rd

3501 Chicago Avenue S, Minneapolis
Hip Hop Ally Training
What does it mean to be an ally or supporter of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender communities? What is a queer ally? Is it just about supporting gay marriage? Is it at all about supporting gay marriage? Is it fair to single out hip hop when all of society is homophobic? We'll learn about sex, gender, and sexual orientation, discuss what it means to be an ally, how hip hop perceives and portrays gender and sexual orientation, and how to confront homophobia, or any oppression, through hip hop. Come explore moving beyond marriage, about queer movements for economic justice, and where hip hop fits into to any of that.

Presented by Jessica Rosenberg, Kyle "Guante" Myhre, Cypher Coalition, and the MN GLBTA Campus Alliance.

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